Healthcare & Technology

Interested in healthcare and information technology? Then our accredited health information management program is the choice for you.

Our faculty prepare you to collect, analyze, and maintain health information using cutting edge technology so you can connect doctors, patients, and insurance providers.

Career Mobility

The field of health services administration combines politics, business, and science in managing the resources needed to deliver effective public health services.

Our online program prepares you for the many careers available in this field, such as developing budgets for a health department and creating polices for health insurance companies.

Health Sciences

Healthcare is a dynamic and rapidly evolving business, especially due to the rise in our retirement-aged population. Today's longer life expectancies increase the management of multiple chronic illnesses, which increase the financial burden on our already strained healthcare industry.

Here at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we are responding to the needs of the healthcare industry by offering diverse and innovative programs in health sciences.

We offer a world-class education with hands-on experience and the support you need to have a successful career in health information management, health services administration, pre-dental hygiene, and population health. These professions offer a wide variety of employment opportunities, areas of specialization, and upward mobility in today’s healthcare field.