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Program Goals

Bachelor's in Health Information Management Program Goals

  • Faculty will demonstrate current knowledge, skills, qualifications and professional development in the content areas they teach.
  • The HIM program will demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of the students enrolled in the program.
  • Program graduates will demonstrate the HIM entry-level competencies.
  • The HIM curriculum will include, as a minimum, the domains and subdomains with content and experiences to enable students to meet current entry-level competencies.
  • The HIM program will demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of its communities of interest.
  • The HIM program will maintain an Advisory Board to assist the program faculty with the development and revision of program goals and curriculum, to offer advice on program needs and expectations and to ensure program responsiveness to change.

Bachelor's in Health Services Administration Program Goals

  • The program will prepare students to provide qualified professionals for entry and mid-level administrative and operational positions in a variety of health care settings.
  • The program will serve as preparation for entry into master’s degree programs through high quality educational offerings.

Graduate Certificate in Population Health Program Goals

  • The certificate program will prepare students to solve healthcare problems by using data to implement quality initiatives based on proven theories and practices.
  • The certificate program will provide additional education and training to individuals interested in improving the healthcare of the most vulnerable people in our state.